Blue Scandal Review – Manicure Monday

It’s Monday again! Which means it’s time to show you my latest manicure! This time instead of one manicure, you get to see a whole collection that we got to review from Blue Scandal. While Blue Scandal may not make this polish they have amazing prices on many beauty products and sell this great NYX Love Is In The Air nail polish set for around $20!

I was so excited when the package showed up at the door! I have heard great things about NYX products, but had not tried them yet so I could not wait to start painting my nails! I immediately started painting and was very impressed with this polish! At first I was a little worried, I had to use 3 coats with the majority of colors and went on a little streaky. They dried extremely fast and the streaking went away as it was drying.

Another great thing about this polish is that it lasts a surprisingly long amount of time! I painted my nails in the after noon, did my dishes at home, cleaned the house where I worked and it wasn’t until I started using my steam machine that they started to chip. Normally regular nail polish only lasts about an hour before at least one of my nails decides to chip!

The only thing that I think I would change is that the brush of the bottles are a little funny and I think the main cause of the streaky-ness that I was experiencing. I do love that they come in smaller bottles in this set because you can try out all the colors and then buy bigger bottles of your favorites! I hate wasting money on things that I will never use, but luckily all the colors in this set are amazing so I will probably end up using all of them!

Meet the polish in this collection:

Muted Lavender

DSC02957 DSC02958 DSC02961

Pastel Lavender

DSC02962 DSC02963 DSC02964

Complex Purple

DSC02965 DSC02968 DSC02970

Soft Pink

DSC02971 DSC02972 DSC02973

Coral Sensation

DSC02976 DSC02979 DSC02982


DSC02984 DSC02987 DSC02993

Paradise Nude

DSC03000 DSC03001 DSC03004

Hot Blue

DSC03012 DSC03013 DSC03014


DSC03028 DSC03029 DSC03030


DSC03032 DSC03033 DSC03034


DSC03035 DSC03036 DSC03037

Pastel Pistachio

DSC03038 DSC03039 DSC03041

Perfect Gray

DSC03042 DSC03043 DSC03045

Nude Peach

DSC03046 DSC03047 DSC03048

French Pink

DSC03049 DSC03050 DSC03051

Disco Inferno

DSC03052 DSC03053 DSC03054

Pink Glitter

DSC03055 DSC03057 DSC03059

Turquoise Glitter

DSC03060 DSC03061 DSC03063

About Blue Scandal:

“A new breed of cosmetics, makeup tools and fragrances. We are here to bring to the public a new life style for the next generation. Our objective is to provide fun, savvy, chic, scrumptious, sweet,extra-ordinary, stupendous makeup tools and fragrances.

Please join our revolution and be part of new wave!!”

What I think:

I was in awe of all the wonderful products that they have! They have such a wide selection of everything from Frangrances, Makeup, and Nail Products that it was hard to narrow a wish list down. They carry so many great brands and you know that what you are getting is a great product!

Of course it wouldn’t be Manicure Monday without a great manicure!

DSC03008 DSC03010 DSC03011

Not only are the products they sell absolutely amazing but so is there customer service! They shipped my set extremely fast and they wrapped the box very well, so I didn’t have to worry about the polish exploding and making a huge mess while in transit. I highly recommend Blue Scandal to anyone looking for great products at even better prices like their NYX HD Studio Foundation! You can find Blue Scandal on their website here.

**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.

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  1. Love all the colors. I really like the coral

  2. I have never heard of NYX products but they sure do make some fantastic colors. By the way.. your nails are beautiful, they probably look nice without polish also.

  3. Love it!
    Ciera recently posted…Have you heard of My Profile

  4. oh wow, lucky you. I love almost every one of those colors. Especially the muted lavendar.
    Dawn ~ Spatulas On Parade recently posted…MouthWatering Monday My Profile

  5. Oooooo, I like the Paradise Nude
    Is it hot pink ?
    Dov Shapira recently posted…A new report from Angie’s List on Shapira Builders My Profile

  6. I am in love!! I need SURF with a glitter finishing! Oh those colors are amazing.
    Amber Edwards recently posted…Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls Recipe- a Hungarian Treat My Profile

  7. I like the soft pink one! My girls would like the other darker colors though Í’m more of a barely there kinda nail polish wearer
    Melanie recently posted…Happy Monday Coupons My Profile

  8. I love the lavender colours – your nails are lovely mine just break all the time. x
    Sarah Bailey recently posted…Know yourself to know your style: matching your style techniques to your natural complexion My Profile

  9. I totally love your Sandles nail polish, that was my favorite. Getting 18 polishes for $20 is such a great price. I need to follow you and get great tips! Maybe you could do a guest post for my blog too.

  10. I love sparkly nails! I dont know which I one I would pick. lol
    Tess recently posted…Blogging Tip: Using Affiliate Programs On Your Blog My Profile

  11. I really like the muted Lavender.

  12. WOW! Those are great colours! The hardest thing is trying to decide which one to wear!!
    Jenn recently posted…#Review Sons of Anarchy Season 5 on Blu-ray #soa My Profile

  13. Nice colors. That’s a great deal for the set of nail polishes.
    Malia recently posted…Forever Pure Beauty Makeup Review My Profile

  14. So many great colors all in one set. They all look great.
    Jenny S.S. recently posted…9 Things You Could Learn From the School of Parenting My Profile

  15. So pretty and great looking colors for fall.

  16. You nails are beautiful. So many great colors but I like the soft pink the best. It is great that this company has such great costumer service. I will have to check them out.
    Pam recently posted…Enter Wendy’s #6Seconds Flat Sweepstakes To Win $6,000! My Profile

  17. I love all the different colors in that package. I haven’t tried this brand before I usually use Zoya. Your nails look great. I love the last manicure, it is very dark and sparkly!
    Melinda Dunne recently posted…Sail into Fall with Pirate’s Booty Giveaway 09/30 My Profile

  18. Your nails look great. I like the purple shades. Very pretty!

  19. My daughter would flip for these!! Love the variety!!

  20. Awesome colors! I couldnt pick just one for my favorite!
    Jenn recently posted…7 Delicious Burger Recipes My Profile

  21. I love the shade SURF too much . What an excellent collection!

  22. I really like the purples and the teals. They are all great though. I would have a hard time deciding! I love seeing them all on your actual nails. It’s hard to really tell in the bottle what they will look like!
    Kristen @ kristenione recently posted…Marvelous Monday: Homecoming Cookout & Random Pics My Profile

  23. I really love the lavender color. I’ve been sticking to pastel colors lately and I think this one would look great on me.
    Tough Cookie Mommy recently posted…Reveal Your Unique Shade Of Beauty With Mia Mariu Cosmetics! @Mia_Mariu #Ad My Profile

  24. I love the colors. The purple looks really great.

    Did you paint your nails each time with each color? That must have taken forever. LOL
    Stacie @ The Divine Miss Mommy recently posted…$150 Target Gift Card #Giveaway My Profile

  25. Wow, $20 for that package is not bad at all! I love all the different colors it came with, too!
    Courtney Pies recently posted…Energems Provides The Pick-Me-Up I Need! My Profile

  26. oooh lookit that pretty pink in the first couple photos. I WANT IT!!
    Jenny recently posted…Unique Bloggers: A Bloghop My Profile

  27. Wow! I usually only paint my toenails and I can’t seem to get into the variety of colors. I stick with the “classic” pinks, reds, etc. but I thought the lavender was so pretty on yours! Purple’s my favorite color… :)
    Anne | The Chef’s Wife recently posted…How Diners Can Change Food Poisoning Epidemic and Eat for Free! My Profile

  28. I really like all of these nail polishes! They are so nice and I love the colors here. $20 dollars for the package seems like a good deal to me. I need to get some new colors and these are all my favorite colors.

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