Trade in your old movies, cd’s and games with MusicMagpie!

One thing that I have an abundance of in my house is movies. I used to be a manager at BlockBuster and started a collection of all kinds of movies. At one point I owned over 300 movies which made me realize that they were really not worth the amount of space they were taking up.
Sure I love the fact that everyone wants to come to my house a borrow movies, but I hate the fact that a lot of them don’t come back, or even sometimes come back destroyed. Right now they are all just sitting next to the tv like a huge eye sore. My husband and I have been talking about selling them, but we don’t have the time to deal with sites like ebay, or craigslist. Especially with that many movies we would have to figure out if any are worth more than the other ones, or if maybe we should just sell them as a whole. This is where MusicMagpie comes in.
MusicMagpie gives you the chance to get rid of all of your unwanted lonely movies. They make it super easy to find out how much your movies are worth by just entering in the barcode from the back of the case. Of course you won’t be getting your money back on each DVD, but they do have good prices to buy back your movies. They also offer free shipping, which is great because all of the stores that offer to buy your stuff doesn’t give you free gas to drive to their store. I especially love this because we live at least 30 minutes from any of the stores that would buy them back and that’s if they will even take the movies that we have.
Another great thing about Music Magpie is that they also have an apps for your phone. Since working at BlockBuster I know how annoying it can be to sit at a computer and enter barcodes all day. Which if you have a ton of movies you might just have to do that. With the app you can take pictures of the barcodes instead of entering them in by hand. I love that they have thought of just about everything to make your experience with them pleasant.
What are you waiting for? Trade in your clutter for some cash!
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