SoundVape BEAT Xpress Giveaway!

I am very proud to share with your our first ever eCig giveaway! Sure we have done a few eCig reviews, but never a giveaway! The lovely people at SoundVape have graciously given us a kit to for you to win!You can check out our review of SoundVape here, or check out the awesome prize below!

Beat XPRESS Starter Kit

Not only will you win this great kit in the flavor of your choice, but you will also win one of their disposable ecigs!

About the BEAT Xpress Kit:

The creation of a great sound begins with a sound beat. Our Beat XPRESS starter kit will be a first step in your journey to a SOUNDMIND, a SOUNDBODY, a SOUNDVAPE. Beat includes (1) SoundVape carrying case, (1) one battery, (1) one USB charger, and (2) two cartomizers. Each cartomizer equals about 1 pack of cigarettes per refill. This beat is sick.If you win you will also receive a MINI Beat (Disposable eCig) of the flavor of your choice.


Sound Vape has the following flavors to choose from:

Straight Up Light (Tobacco) 10ML
Straight Up Light (Tobacco)

Straight Up Menthol 10ML

Straight Up Menthol

RY42 (Caramel Tobacco) 10ML

RY42 (Camamel Tobacco)

Fresh Mint 10ML

Fresh Mint

Moondrop Elixir 10ML

And of course my favorite Moondrop Elixir!

You can find the MINI Beat and the BEAT Xpress along with many other great eCigs on SoundVape’s website here.


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  1. I would love to try these!

  2. Oooo,the Ry42 would be my choice of flavor

  3. I did not use that Twitter app to follow either of them because it wanted WAY too much control of my acct!!!

    And I tried to sign in on AIM, but it didn’t recognize this website!!

    You can check out my name as: LouPop13


    Try using Rafflecopter for your next Contest… :)

    • Hi Louise, Thank you for your feedback. I checked and your follows did go through. If you are referring to the Facebook authorizations you can skip the authorizations and it will deny them for you and will still let you use the program.

      If you have any other issues, or still don’t want to let it have control please let me know and I can manually enter in any entries that were missed. You can either comment here with what was missed, or you can email me at

      Thanks again! Good luck! :)


    • Thanks!!

  4. I would love to try the straight up menthol !

  5. Straight Up Light!

  6. would totally want to try the moondrop elixir

  7. i would like to try the moon drop

  8. I love to try Moondrop Elixir

  9. id love the caramel

  10. Sandrea Igess says:

    The mint would probably be good to try

  11. I think I would try the safer choice, mint. Only because I need to quit and choosing something that I really like, might not be good either-LOL. But the Moondrop is really catching my eye-it sounds very interesting and I can hardly pass up “interesting”
    Danelle recently posted…$25 Gift Card My Profile

  12. RY42 sounds good

  13. I would like to have em all!

  14. I think the Fresh Mint sounds good!

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