Beautiful Glass Nail Files from Mont Bleu: Review and Giveaway

I remember when Glass Nail Files first became popular. They were decently expensive, but after trying them out I was hooked. I still for some reason can’t wrap my pretty little head around how well they work and have become obsessed with some of the really pretty ones! As I’m sure you can imagine I was very excited when Mont Bleu told me they were sending some of their gorgeous files for me to review!
I still remember my first glass nail file. Me and my mother bought files in our favorite color with our initials on them. They were pretty but the monograms were off center and crooked and while I loved it, I had always wished I could find something better. I kept that file for a couple years until one day it snapped in half in my purse. I was devastated! I was so upset about it breaking that I decided I wasn’t going to get another until I knew that I could take care of it better (I was about 16 at the time).
I recently found Mont Bleu’s website and instantly was reminded of why I love glass nail files! Their collection is amazing, and had just about every color combination I could think of! After talking with them I received 2 glass nail files, a pair of tweezers, and a pair of really cute earrings.
These nail files were even more gorgeous in person than I thought they would be! The crystals are extremely clear and cut so well that they look like gems! Of course I couldn’t wait to try these out so I immediately went to file my nails with them! I was very impressed! These nail files worked 100 times better than my old glass file, but were soft enough to not destroy my nails at the same time!


I also love that the colors seem to fade into the file area instead of just being cut off were the file ends. I think it adds a more delicate touch to these files. My last file was also rounded at the end, so I really enjoy that these have a pointed end to clean under my nails, or even push my cuticles back.
Crystal glass nail files from Czech Republic
It amazes me how many choices Mont Bleu offers for nail files! It would be extremely difficult to pick just one! You can find just about any design you want on their website! Some are even hand painted designs!
Next up for review are these amazing tweezers! I am pretty picky about tweezers, mainly because anything not girly in my house is stolen by either my husband or my brother-in-law. So I was very happy when I saw these included with the files. I love that these tweezers are higher quality than I expected! Some companies with similar products will “bedazzle” the cheapest pair of tweezers they can find. These tweezers are really nice! Not only are they designed really well to get the perfect grip, but they have a rubberized finish so they are easy to hold (and look super cool too)! My favorite color is also purple so I just plain love these things!
Lastly I was also sent these crystal earrings. I don’t typically wear earrings, but these are so gorgeous that I have been flaunting them with pride. I love that they change colors with different lights. As you know bold colors are a must have for me, so these are perfect! Not only do they make beautiful earrings like these, but they also make rings, necklaces, bracelets and just about anything else you can think of!
I absolutely loved all the products I received from Mont Bleu and I hope I can share more with you soon! You can find these and other great Mont Bleu products on their website here. Use code :”BLOG” for 20% off your purchase!Giveaway!
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  1. I love the lilac nail file set (WC-6).

  2. Glass nail file Swarovski MC-M3

  3. I love the nail files They are so pretty!

  4. Sandrea Igess says:

    I like the Shamballa bracelet with Swarovski crystals, pearls and gem stones and beads

  5. I like the Shamballa Bracelets.

  6. I really like the compact mirrors. When I visited Greece, my family gave me a heart shaped gold glitter mirror, and then a few years ago, the mirror broke and I have never replaced it.

    Swarovski compact mirror ACS-06 looks like the perfect one for me.

  7. April Yedinak says:

    I like their wooden boar bristle hairbrushes. I especially like style 13.

  8. I like the Mini manicure set MS-1RC.

  9. I love the tweezers. Can always use a good pair.
    Elena recently posted…Halo Healthsome Review My Profile

  10. I like the Eyebrow Tweezers CT-9.4.

  11. melissa allen says:

    I like the eyebrow tweezers ct-9.1

  12. Luxury pedestal mirror Shining ACSC-3 — blue crystals!

  13. I really like the crystal earrings also. I never would have thought to use a glass file. My daughters would love these.
    thegomamas recently posted…Family, farming and me My Profile

  14. The glass files are the best. I bought myself one from Aveniro recently, and I’ve been loving it! It’s so gentle to your nails – incredible! Totally recommend to everyone.

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