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We are pleased to bring to you this giveaway! I personally want to try these shoes, so hopefully one of you win so that I can hear about how great they are!

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I have had a bad back since I was in my early twenties. Due in part to bad genes and just plain growing up a monkey. As I got older It got worse and I eventually had to have back surgery TWICE at the age of just 25. The doctors said that my x-ray looked like that of someone who got into a bad car wreck. During my recovery I found that it was essential to have a good shoe and to this day I am very picky about what I wear. Flip flops are very bad for the back and legs, but we all love them, so I wear them sparingly.

Well, if you have a very picky and sensitive body like me with the added bonus of fibromylagia, you will love these sandals. With Therafit, by Dr. Lisa Masterson, there is an answer. We all know her from the entertaining Doctors show. If you don’t, you should definitely watch. She has manufactured a shoe that makes it so that you can be absolutely comfortable in your flip flops or sandals and fashionable at the same time, which is very hard to find!

I have searched high and dry for a flip flop or sandal that wouldn’t leave my back and legs in bad pain just after an hour or less. I have only found two types so far that have managed this and The Therafit style is my favorite of them. The design is very ergonomic with a WOMAN’S comfort in mind. Finally, A sandal that looks as good as it feels!

First of all, Therafit’s presentation was so cute and thoughtful. They wrapped up the box like a regular gift! I love the colors and i’m a recycle nut, so I will get use out of the ribbon.
I chose the Tiffany Black Sandal. This particular style also comes in white. Look at the gorgeous detail !

I chose the black, which goes with absolutely everything as we all know, and I love the added bling on the top. I have worn these with skirts, dresses, maxis, jeans and capris. They go with everything! The jewels on the top really take away from any kind of geriatric feel that you might get wearing clunkier comfort shoes. They are made very durable and I do not see them giving up any time soon. They look like they will last years.

Now that we have ooh’d and ahh’d over the look of the shoe, let’s get into the specifics. The reason behind the ergonomics and just why it is so comfortable.

The Therafit has a special 4 layer system for maximum shock absorption and comfort. It is meant to be supportive for those who are on their feet a lot. I do a lot of walking because I can’t run with the way my back is, so these were just meant for me. The cushioning of the sole is adjustable depending on how soft you want the shoe to feel and it is meant to have the ultimate comfort for at least 12 hours of the day. Those without a back condition I can only imagine how comfortable these would be on you!

They would also provide the prevention of added damaged from wearing flip flops and other non-ergonomic shoes!

See those little balls? Those massage the bottom of your feet as you walk and you can tell that these help keep that comfort lasting all day. They have very thick soles, but not too thick and perfectly contour to the shape of your feet.

The three circles at the bottom are where they can adjust to how soft you want the fit to be.
Look at that bling shine!
It took me all of 5 min to get used to walking in them and then I was addicted hardcore. My feet, back, hips and legs love these. They fit perfectly. I normally wear a size 8.5 – 9 so these run big at size 8. If you are a half size, it is important to size down, because they run big.

Something very important for me to point out .
I just test drove a pair of new over 2 inch high flip flops. They looked comfy as can be and of course really cute, but not even an hour later I was in severe and I mean SEVERE pain in my feet. I didn’t even feel that kind of pain with Therafit at the END of the day. So that is just my glowing testament of how well these work.
One more time with a closeup of the bling bling, because I love it.

Another reason this company is so great is that they give back to a charity of YOUR choice with every purchase. So it’s a great way to feel good on your feet, along with feeling good helping others.

These sandals and fitness shoes come in every color and style you could want. Here is just a small peak at what’s in store.
Right now until July 31st, you can grab an awesome pair of full price shoes for a whopping 50% off!! These are pricey, though worth it, but this deal is amazing and I would take advantage while you can!

You can also take comfort in the fact that they have FREE Shipping and Exchanges!
BUT, the good people over at Therafit are also letting me offer up a chance for one lucky reader to receive a pair of their own!! Good luck to everyone! You will adore these!! Ends 8-7 12 am EST.

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**Disclaimer** Star Focal is in no way responsible for this giveaway. We are just helping out a fellow blogger!

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  1. These look so comfy, much more so than regular flip flops!

  2. this mama needs some new shoes!

  3. I need good sandals all my flip flops get holes quick.

  4. The black shoes with sparkles are awesome.



  7. I’d like to win because my fiancee has been begging for new shoes.

  8. They look comfortable and a great transition from summer to work shoe.

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