Keep Your Home Squeaky Clean With Home Right! Review and Giveaway **Closed**

I’m sure you have heard great things, or seen commercials about steam mops. If you are like me you were too afraid to invest the money into a steam mop just to find out that it didn’t work. I found a great company called Home Right that makes a product called a Steam Machine that is not only inexpensive compared to some other steam products, but has multiple functions as well!
What Home Right says about the Steam Machine:

Looking for a quick and easy way to remove wallpaper? The SteamMachine is the absolute fastest and easiest way to remove wallpaper, plus its chemical free! Simply use the steam plate to apply steam and peel the paper away. Get the most out of this multi-purpose steamer by using the attachments to sanitize and clean floors, stovetops, ovens, bathrooms and grills. The SteamMachine leaves behind no chemical residue and kills 99% of all germs and bacteria.
Use the steam mop to sanitize your hard floor surfaces; such as tile, vinyl and linoleum. The high pressurized steam blasts the surface clean and the cleaning pad wipes the surface clean. The canister comes equipped with two wheels to move with the attached floor steam mop as you clean.
The SteamMachine uses pressurized, high temperature, steam to loosen and dissolve dirt, grease, grime and kill bacteria. Its many uses include; kitchen counter tops, ovens, stovetops, bathroom fixtures and barbecue grills

What I think:

I love how much this machine can do! So far I have used it on our stove, our bathroom, our floors, and so much more! We have a lot of places in our house that have caked on dirt or grime that just will not come off! With the Steam Machine all I have to do is spray it down with the machine and wipe away the dirt. It makes cleaning those hard to reach places so much easier!

Before cleaning with the Steam Machine


My first plan of attack was my stove. It was never really cleaned before we moved in and for some reason the pieces don’t come off of the stove itself. So there is always oil and grime stuck around the burner. When we first moved in I scrubbed for hours trying to clean them and couldn’t get it all off. The Steam Machine helped remove the majority of the grime with ease! I was very impressed since I knew how hard it was to try to get the little bit that I did get off before by just scrubbing.

The Steam Machine is very easy to set up too! You just add your water, add the attachments you want, turn it on, and within about 8 minutes you are ready to clean! I also love that it has a storage compartment in the front so that you can keep all the little attachments safe and of course in a place you can find them! The only thing I do not enjoy about this machine is that since I clean my parents house on occasion I wanted to be able to use this machine to make the job a little easier. The Steam Machine, at least from what I can tell, does not have a way to wrap the electrical cord or hose around the machine. However, I am very thankful for the built in handle!

After how good it cleaned the stove I decided to take it to the bathroom. Our bathroom is very small so not only is it hard to reach certain areas, but if I am using chemicals I can only clean for so long before I feel like I am going to pass out from the fumes. The Steam Machine does not use chemical to clean! So I can clean the whole bathroom in one go and trust that it is clean and germ-free! and the machine itself is pretty small so I can fit it into the bathroom with me and not feel crowded while trying to clean.

After asking around, I found that some machines either have the spray button on the machine itself or in a very awkward place. This Steam Machine has a trigger button that makes it super easy to use with any of the included attachments. I especially like the trigger when I am using the Steam mop attachment, because it is at the perfect level so that I don’t have to bend down and hurt my back trying to use it.

Another great use for this product is to clean up after pets. Our new kitty can make a mess with his food and his litter box, and I want to make sure that any mess he makes is completely clean and sanitized so that my girls don’t get into it. I love that I can use this machine for those quick clean ups and know that it is actually clean before they get to it. It is nice to know that this machine is easy to turn on and can be used at any time!

Overall I would recommend this product to anyone that would like to have a squeaky clean house without the use of harsh chemicals! I love being able to clean around my children without worrying about them inhaling the harsh chemicals I am using!

You can find Home Right’s Steam Machine on their website here.

Thanks to the wonderful people at Home Right, you have a chance to win your very own Steam Machine! Enter to win below! Please make sure to follow the wonderful bloggers helping keep this giveaway going! :)

**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here .

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  1. EVERYTHING!!! I have wanted one of these forever. My sister got me a knockoff for Christmas and it just doesn’t measure up. I want to clean our stovetop, oven, bathroom, basement, window frames, under the sinks… The list goes on and on! I want to sanitize my entire house!! (Actually, we’re going to be moving soon, so I want to sanitize my entire house before we leave and I want to sanitize the house we’re moving into too!)

  2. I have been wanting one of these now for quite some time because I think that they can clean some of the hardest things to clean by hand with chemicals. I really would love to get started right away with my grill.It is the hardest and most greasy thing ever to clean.I really hope to get lucky and win this bad boy because I have a long list of things waiting to be cleaned with the Steam Machine.

  3. Oh my a lot !!!, sinks, tubs, fridge, stove just to name a few.
    Thanks for the chance at this fabulous giveaway!

  4. I am very excited to clean my tub, stove and floors!

  5. I would love (well, actually not really) to clean the grout on my kitchen floors. It looks gross and I hate using harsh chemicals. Would love to see what it can do.

  6. I am so excited. I just won this giveaway. Thank you Amberlee. I sent you my info. Let me know you received it.

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