Our New Kitty!

After years of begging I finally convinced my husband to let us get a kitty! Luckily for us it was perfect timing for my daughters birthday.
Here is our little kitty. We decided to name him Carbon. I like to call him Carbonator and so far he has many nicknames like Carbon Footprint, Carbon Fiber, Carbon Dioxide, etc. I thought of naming him things like Ash, Ashes, Oreo and some others but with two babies I have to be careful naming him things that could sound like something else. We know of one pet that is named “Tucker” I’m sure you can guess one of his nicknames! Luckily my girls called him “Sucker” instead.
I am so in love with this kitty! He is super cuddly and loves the babies. In the morning if Carbon wakes up before the kids he will go and scratch on their doors until they come and say hi. I don’t think I have ever seen such a small kitten (we got him at about 5 weeks, and now is about 8 weeks) not only play with kids but follow them around all day. Carbon even cuddles with our oldest daughter!
Because of this new addition to our family, I will be sharing with you guys some products that I find that I think every cat owner should have. Make sure to keep an eye on our “Our New Kitty” tab for the latest reviews, and we even have some giveaways lined up!
What are your favorite products that you use for your furry friend? Let us know in the comments below!
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  1. Carbon is sooo cute!:) I love my cats, too. I have 4. There names are Ryder, Bubba, Chester and Little. They are all indoors only and love Temptations cat treats and Fancy Feast canned cat food (all varieties). I couldn’t imagine life without them.

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