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So the holidays are quickly approaching, which means so are the parties! We all love having family over, or at least some of our family but we hate having a messy house! One of the biggest problems we all face is keeping our carpets clean. Not all of us are lucky enough to have hard wood floors! So for those of us that are stuck with nasty carpets, we have to get them cleaned. Today I am going to review an awesome company called Stanley Steemer. If you have not heard of them before they will come to your house and clean your carpets for a very reasonable price!
Okay, so why would you pay someone else to come and clean your carpets when you can just do it yourself? By the time you rent a steam cleaner (unless you are one of the lucky few that own one), and buy the special cleaner you have already spent a decent amount of money. Not only that but then you have to move the furniture, and you have to clean your carpets yourself. Trust me on this one, steam cleaning your carpets is not a fun task. Unless you are a professional it takes a lot of time and energy to clean your carpets properly, and if the stains are bad enough chances are that you won’t get everything out.

Stanley Steemer came to my house to help us prepare for the holidays, and I could not be happier with my experience! I live in a very old house, with some very old carpets. No matter what we do we cannot seem to keep them clean. This is what some of the worst stains on the carpets in my house looked like before Stanley Steemer:

This stain has been here since we moved in, but has progressively gotten worse even though we hardly use the room.

These are some stains that were in front of the door in that same room.

As you can tell our floors were in desperate need of some help! When I called to make the appointment the lady on the other end was a complete sweetheart and was able to answer all my questions about their pricing, and appointment options and did not seem like someone just trying to make it through the rest of the day. I was able to make an appointment for only a couple days after I called. I was very excited about how quickly you could make an appointment. I now know that if anything happens to my carpets I can depend on them to come to my rescue when I need them too!

Cleaning day finally arrived, and Stanley Steemer was scheduled to arrive between 9am and 12pm. I was glad there was only a couple hours in between this time slot, and they informed me on the phone that they would call me when they were on their way. They called me about 20 minutes before knocking on my door, which gave me enough time to get my two girls ready to go to their Mima and Papa’s house. I was able to talk to them before leaving about what I wanted done, and whether or not they were going to use my husband for slave labor while I was away. We ended up getting our living room, one of our bedrooms, and even our area rug cleaned. They also let us know about getting our floors protected with their Teflon solution that protects substances from penetrating the top fiber layers of the carpet. We decided not to do this, but if it is anything like their cleaning services I am sure it is an amazing product! I was very surprised at how much these guys knew about their products, and what they do! They were able to explain to my husband not only how they cleaned the carpets, but also what might have caused the stains and why they had gotten worse.

I was very surprised at how quickly they had cleaned the carpets. In less than an hour my husband had called to let me know to bring the girls home and that the carpets were finished. When I came home my husband let me know that they had moved the furniture for us, and really had gotten a lot done in the amount of time I had been gone. As soon as I walked in the door I noticed a major difference. The whole house just seemed brighter! Here are some pictures of what I came home to:

This is where the huge stain was.

This is in front of the door where all the little stains were.

Here is a picture of how our living room turned out:

I can honestly say that I have never seen our carpets look so nice! Now I cannot wait to have company over, and I am not afraid of them seeing my carpets!

Another great thing about Stanley Steemer is that they have products to help you keep your carpets clean in between visits. So you can have clean carpets all the time! I was also able to receive their spot treatment, which is a great way to clean stains before they stick. Since we have two little girls and a dog, we have already had to use it multiple times and luckily it is very easy to use!
If you are looking to get your carpets cleaned for the holidays I highly suggest calling Stanley Steemer. I was very impressed with Ruben C. and Jason S. from our local branch in Rancho Cordova and will be asking for them the next time we need our carpets cleaned!
Want to try out their awesome services? Thanks to the lovely people at Stanley Steemer we are giving away one $100 Gift Certificate along with two bottles of their Spot Treatment to one lucky winner! Make sure to complete all of the entries! Enter below!

**Disclaimer** The Stanley Steemer gift certificate, information, and two gift packs have been provided by Stanley Steemer. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.
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  1. I would have my living room carpet cleaned if I won because it gets the most traffic since it is where everyone enters into my house, plus it is pretty stained up because of that.

  2. Thank you so much for the great giveaway! There’s no better time than the holidays to have carpets cleaned :)

  3. I would pick my livingroom for sure!

  4. Thank u so much for all the great giveaways! U guys keep facebook awesome!

  5. I would for sure clean my livingroom first!! Thank u so much for the great giveaways!

  6. I would have our upstairs hallway cleaned, it has been ruined but the constant back and forth running and spilling of food/drinks by my toddler!

  7. Our front hallway looks terrible! Because that is where people (and animals) enter the house, a lot of dirt and mud gets tracked in. We have rugs there for wiping feet, but it still gets pretty yucky-looking. I’d love to have Stanley Steemer clean that for us!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  8. my living room carpet
    tcogbill at live dot com

  9. My hallway needs cleaned the most – my puppy had a thing for the hallway ;)

  10. Thank you Star Focal and Stanley Steemer for an awesome giveaway!

  11. I would have them do my bedroom (and hallway!) We basically live in the bedroom (trying to move, so the living room is storage right now) and since our 7yr old is Special Needs, he has to sleep in our room…that can make for some serious messes..and stains!! (which it has) I’d have them do this room because it’s the most lived in, and worst!

  12. Oh I would love to have my living room and stairs done! With a little toddler and dog running around….it could really use it! Your pictures are great! What a great job they did! :)
    Laura Jacobson

  13. Thanks for the fun giveaway and all your hard work!

  14. My poor family room. It really needs some love.

  15. You are the wonderful blogger who shared this with me, so thanks!

  16. Nice job, hope i win. Thanks!

  17. Definitely my living room. It’s horrible.

  18. I would have my living room/dining room cleaned. I have spots but not quite as big as the ones you used to have!

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