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We all want the latest makeup products, but how do we know if they will work for us? Of course you can look for makeup review on this site, or any other review site. Which is wonderful, and I’m glad you’re here for this review. Although there are many other options for you to test out the latest and greatest makeup products. So what is this other option? There are companies out there, that for a monthly fee, will send you samples of these awesome products. One of these wonderful companies is Starlooks.
I was able to receive Starlooks August Starbox which features some really awesome products that were hand picked by Lauren Bradley. The box I received was their first special edition box, and I definitely have to agree that it was special! My box came with some very pretty pink lip gloss and some really gorgeous eyeliner.
Before I talk about the products let me talk about the focus of this box, Lauren Bradley. Lauren is a very famous fashion designer that has worked with Heidi Klum, Regina Spektor, Chris Martin, and many more. She believes that every woman should look no further than our natural form to find our true beauty. I was very excited to try the products that she picked for this box.

The lip gloss is very pretty. The color is absolutely amazing, and lasted way longer than a lot of glosses I have used before. Not only is the bottle pretty, but the brush is really awesome and makes it really easy to apply. The lip gloss itself is not too thick, and creates a perfect shine on my lips. It surprisingly also helped moisturize my lips, which was a major plus.
The second product included in the box was one of my new favorite makeup products, eye liner. Until recently I have not ever really been introduced into the makeup world. I have only really seen what is included in the cheap sections of store like Target or Walgreens. Because of my blogging adventures I have learned what good makeup is really like. This particular eye liner comes in a jar and you use a brush to apply it. This type of eyeliner is VERY new to me, so I was excited to compare it to traditional eye liner.
This eyeliner almost looks gold in the jar, but is a lot darker on the eyes, which is great for me. I hate that when using cheap eye liner you get this awkward mirror effect from it. If you try to get rid of it you end up ruining the rest of your makeup. What seems like something that is too thick to put on your eyes ends up being extremely easy to apply. It glides on like no other liner I have ever used, it does not create a mirror effect, and it stays on for hours. Not only that but it does not crack, and dries very quickly. I even left it on over night and the majority was still there.

I really like my Starbox, and for $15 I believe you get more then your monies worth. Their products are really great, and their customer service is also great. You can find Starlooks on their website here.
**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.
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