If you love Star Focal, you’ll love the Starbox!

Last month I introduced you to a company called Starlooks and their wonderful subscription box called the Starbox. Each Starbox comes with 3-4 products from Starlooks that together has a value of at least $35 or more. This month (September) was an extra special treat as it contained 6 products, and even a separate bonus item! I was so happy to receive my box, and I could not wait to try the products inside!

This months box included an eye shadow palette with 5 different colors, shadow primer and some really cute gems that you can use around your eyes. Also just like every other Starbox it contained some crystals to help attract positive energy, and maintain focus!

I tend to use a lot of bright colors when I wear makeup. So when I first saw this palette I was a little disappointed because they all looked pretty much like the same color to me. As I started messing around with them I realized how wrong I was. Although they are all similar and have the same base color they are all very pretty and very unique. While they may not look like much they really made my eyes stand out, which was a refreshing change from the bright colors I normally use. I could tell just by looking at the palette that the Starlooks eyeshadow was going to be creamy and would work really well with my skin.
They also sent their eye primer. When I first looked at the primer I thought that it was almost going to have the same effect as chap stick. It looked like a similar consistency, so I got a little worried. Other primers I have used are normally more of a liquid feel and are similar to the consistency of lotion. I was surprised to find that the primer was actually a lot different than it looks. I was very glad to find that it was very smooth, and absorbed into my skin really well.

Just so that you can see the difference not only in the colors, but to see the difference it makes to use the primer here is some swatches for you.
Without primer

After primer
The primer worked great, and definitely made a huge difference in the eye shadow quality. Most importantly it did not leave my skin greasy or make the eyeshadow clump or have streaks like some primers do.

The last item in the box was a little tube filled with gold and opaque gems. I was really exited to be able to use them with everything else! They are probably my favorite of all the products just because of all the possibilities of designs I could use them for.

Okay, so now that you know what was in the box I’m sure you want to know my opinion and see what I did with it right? Well here we go!
I decided to put to use the liner I received in the last Starbox along with 4 out of the 5 shades in the palette, as well as 3 of the opaque gems. I really loved how all of the products came together, and I loved how simple it looked.

I think its great that I can still have all my colors while still not having my eyes looking too dramatic. I loved how long all of my eye makeup stayed on. I woke up the next morning and it was all still there!
For only $15 a month you really cannot lose with Starbox. The products are worth at least double what you spend and you get to try new things. I know that for me at least you pretty much have to force me into a new style to see how it looks before I will buy anything. If you find something you like in your box you can always buy more of that same item from their store. You can find Starlooks and their amazing Starbox on their website here. Make sure you let them know that Star Focal sent you!
**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.
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  1. Those colors are really pretty! I love how they are muted, you don’t see very many muted colors. I love the way you did your makeup! I will be checking out Starlooks thanks to you!

  2. The colors look very nice on you! I really like Starbox I think it is a great subscription service.

  3. I love the colors on you! That looks like a great box!

  4. The eye crystals are adorable! And I appreciate the primer/no primer comparison – I’ve wondered. LOL Sounds fun, thanks for the review!

  5. I love the box! And you did a wonderful job on your make up! Thanks for a great and detailed post!

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