Kitsch Hair Ties Review

I love having at least one hair tie with me at all times. My hair is very long, and tends to get in the way of just about everything. One thing I hate about the traditional hair tie is that there’s never really a good place to put it where it can be found instantly, and not be in the way, or without being uncomfortable. When I was younger, and smaller, I used to put my black hair ties around my wrists. Now if I try to put one on my wrist not only does it look tacky, but it cuts off the circulation to my hands, and is just plain uncomfortable. So I went on a search to find a great hair tie that not only looks cute, but can be comfortably placed on your wrist so you don’t have to search through your purse to find it.

Here’s what I found:

It may be hard to believe, but these are hair ties. These hair ties are made with love by Kitsch. When I said made with love here is what I mean: Each hair tie is 100% hand made so you know they are great. They have specially treated edges so that they will not get worn out, and dyed and treated so that the color will not get all over you, your hair, or your clothing.

I love all the different colors and designs they have. They have a color to match every outfit, and every personality. You could wear one, or you can stack and layer as many as you want to create your own design. I was worried that they might be uncomfortable, or would stretch out quickly. While they did stretch a little, they could still be used and still held my hair great. They did not hold my hair too tight, and they felt just like a regular bracelet on my wrist. I was worried about the sparkly hair ties getting glitter everywhere or being scratchy on my wrists, but they were surprisingly soft and no glitter has come of my hair ties.

Looking for something a little different? Kitsch has Some really cool hair ties in their “I am…” line. Each one says something different to help inspire you throughout your day. My favorite is the “I am Beautiful” hair tie, every time I see it I smile. Other ones say I am Love, Peace, Happiness, and Grateful. These would be great for gifts, party favors, or just to make you feel great.

There are many ways to wear your Kitsch hair ties. Not only can you wear them on your wrist, but you can wear them on you ankle too. You can find hair tips, Kitsch tips, and even some cool ways to wear your Kitsch on their Kitsch Tips page.

You can find these and other great hair ties, and head bands on Kitsch’s website.

**Disclaimer** I was in no way paid, or obligated to give a positive review, or a review at all for this company. If you would like to read my full disclaimer for reviews you can find it here.

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