The Original Dish Drying Mat Review

I am a part of a lot of different websites that give you items for free in exchange for a review. One of these sites is called Influenster. They offer a box that they call a “Vox Box” which is a box that has a couple different things based on some kind of theme. My first Vox Box had the theme “mom” so it had some things that a typical mom would like. One of the things included in this box was something called The Original Dish Drying Mat.
The one I received was an off white color. For me this was something very easy to review as I already had the same product but it was red. But I was very glad to have gotten a different color. The red one matches my kitchen perfectly but seems to show stains more, which is very odd to me.
Anyway, I love these mats. We don’t have a dishwasher so we have to wash everything by hand. I hate using my towels to dry dishes which never really works well. When I end up needing to use a towel to lay my dishes on the water ends up soaking through and getting all over the counter and sometimes even the floor. And drying each dish one by one is just a waste of time. Another thing we have tried to use is a drying rack that has a water catcher on the bottom, but if you leave the water in the bottom for to long it ends up getting really gross. After that happens you don’t want to use the drying rack any more because who knows what got soaked into the plastic.
One of my favorite parts about The Original Dish Drying Mat is that it not only absorbs a heck of a lot of water, but it can be washed in the washing machine. So it does the work of a drying rack, with the convenience of a towel. Not only that but in my personal experience, these mats are way cheaper then a good drying rack. They also can match any decor you may have, come in other colors, and protect your counter from scratches. I definitely think that everyone should have these mats in their kitchen!
You can find this and other products on their website here.
*Disclaimer: I received these products from Influenster for free as part of a review. Any opinions stated have been my own. I was in no way obligated to post a good review, or a review at all.
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  1. It might be a relatively simple thing, a Dish Drying Mat, but I received one as a gift several months ago, and I love it more than most anything else in my kitchen! The amount of water it absorbs is amazing, and I am sure it helps my dishes dry more quickly. I really want to get another one so there’s always one there on the counter while the other is being washed. I will certainly never be without one again!

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