The Original Backnobber II Review and Giveaway

So today I’m going to share with you two of my favorite products that are part of the Health and Wellness segment! The first one up is my new favorite toy. Not only does it look strange, but the name definitely turns heads.
This crazy little device is called The Original Backnobber II. Yes thats right, it’s called a Backnobber. The way I have been explaining the Backnobber II to my friends and family is that it is like a back scratcher that massages your back instead of scratching it. How cool is that? So now you don’t need to do that weird thing with your shoulders where you wiggle them in front of someone to convince them to rub your back. You know what I’m talking about! Everyone has done it at least once! If you have done this before you could really use a self massaging tool!
So the Backnobber is not just something really cool to look at. Its a really great tool that I think everyone should have. I am a stay at home full-time mommy, so I never really get to go out and spend the money it takes to get a professional massage. Not only that but my husband works full-time over an hour away from home, so there not much time for me to wiggle my shoulders in front of him and even if there was time were both way too tired to even think about massages. So when I saw this I had to have it! Now I can get a massage any time I want, and the best part is that I can decide how gentle or how hard my massage is or where I need the massage the most. No more yelling “ouch!” Or saying “to the left!” while getting a massage.
The design of the Backnobber II makes it really easy to use. Its shaped like an S, so one end is placed on your back in the area you want to massage and you use the other end to apply the pressure and to move it around to the spots you need it. I was very surprised at how simple it really was to use it. Another cool thing about this product is that its not limited to just one area of your back. In fact the Backnobber II comes with an instruction manual that not only tells you information on the Backnobber II itself but also comes with information on stretching, your different trigger points, and the best ways and places to use it.
That’s not all this amazing product offers! This product is really big. So I was really worried about it taking up too much space, or it being strictly for home use. But Luckily for us this problem has already been solved! The Backnobber comes apart for easy storage or for traveling! It also has a locking feature so that it wont come apart during use. The Backnobber II is made out of fiberglass, reinforced nylon, and it also has a satisfaction guarantee! This definitely is my new favorite product!
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  1. Sound interesting! When you say it’s big… how big exactly?

  2. would be perfect for my husband.

  3. Yes, please! My husband is wonderful when it comes to giving me massages and helping to work out the kinks I get in my neck and shoulders. But he’s not always here, and even when he is, sometimes he can’t quite find the spot! I’d love to try this.

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  4. seems strange, but would like to give it a try

  5. This seems awesome! I really want to try it now! Great review!

  6. Looks really cool!

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