Pj’s Organics Review

I recently received Pj’s Organics Burritos as part of a review. Here’s some information on Pj’s Organics taken from their website:
Peter “PJ” Sartorio grew up in Northern California, where surfing, skiing and burritos are priorities. PJ and his friends ate a lot of burritos to fuel their active lives. He always had a passion for creating better-for-you convenience foods and noticed that there were no truly “clean” burrito options in the frozen food section of America’s supermarkets. Bing – PJ’s Organics® is born!
In 2007, PJ launched the first and only brand of organic meat burritos – using only organic ingredients sourced locally wherever possible. And hand-crafted. We’re one of the few businesses that make their own tortillas – and we’ve been hand-rolling everything before it was fashionable.

GMO’s, pesticides, preservatives…won’t find ‘em here! From PJ’s original vision, the values of integrity, authenticity and connection to family and friends drives our business forward and helps active people stay on-the-go by offering convenient premium organic food.

My take:
I really like that these burritos are made from natural ingredients. All the way from the meat they use, down to their tortillas. It makes me want to eat them that much more. Most frozen burritos are not made of natural ingredients, and do not taste very good so I was very excited to try these. I was very surprised at how good they taste. They also have a lot more filling then normal burritos do, and I’m not talking about liquid filling. I’m talking about the fact that these burritos are filled with lots of meat and veggies instead of mainly beans like most other brands. I really like these burritos and will be trying many more soon!
You can find Pj’s Organics on their website here. Or you can find them in a store near you!

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