Natural Skin Shop- Salicylic Acid Peel Review

One major problem that I have with my skin is that I have acne. I have tried so many products to try to get rid of it, but nothing ever seems to help. Why I decided to try acid to get rid of it, I have no idea, but I do know one thing. I am very excited to do this review for you guys.
I got a Salicylic Acid 20 Peel from Natural Skin Shop to review for you guys. This product is meant not only to help reduce your acne, but to also reduces oil, and cleanses your pores. I may have gotten the 20 peel, but I really should have gotten the 10 peel. While I may not have had any bad side effects, you should still get a 10 peel if you are a beginner.
My Experience:
I was very paranoid after hearing some horror stories about people burning their face by leaving it on too long, or grabbing the acid a second time instead of the neutralizer. So when I went to use my I made a game plan before even starting. I lined everything up on the counter so that I knew where each one was and when I was done with each bottle I would put it aside so that I would not grab it again.
After washing my face, I applied the pre-peel solution. It did sting a little, but nothing more then any other acne cleansing wipes I have used. So I was finally ready to use the acid. I was very nervous for this part, in fact I was too nervous. I ended up freaking out as soon as the peel started to burn, and applied the neutralizer after barely 60 seconds. After hearing all the bad stuff I figured I had just done something wrong. The only thing wrong was that I had gotten the wrong strength, which was totally my own fault. After noticing that I had taken it off after about a minute I felt stupid, and thought about re-applying. Luckily I didn’t.
After the 4th day I noticed some peeling on my nose and in between my eyes. After that went away I didn’t notice any other changes. I yet again almost reapplied until I did a little more research and decided to hold off for a while. The next weekend I rubbed my forehead and it all peeled at once. Yuck! But my skin feels so much better, and it looks a lot better too. I have noticed a very significant change in my acne, and the overall quality of my skin.
I cannot wait to try it again, but obviously I’m going to wait a while. Like I’ve said before if you have never used a skin peel before you should start off at the lightest peel. Also make sure to not be too nervous about it, but proceed with caution so that you don’t end up doing any damage to your skin.
I really recommend this product to those of you that want healthier skin without professional prices. I love the results that I got from this kit! You can find this, along with other peels and products on their website here.
Thanks for reading guys!
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