For All My Student Viewers!

Okay, so how many of you are not looking forward to school starting up again? I know I’m not! Not only do you have to pay for the school itself, but you have to pay for gas, supplies, and of course the dreaded books that most of us don’t even want to read. If you are dreading buying those books, why not rent them? Thats right, I said rent your textbooks. There’s a really awesome website called
Here’s a little video about
I bet your asking why you should rent your textbooks instead of buying them. For one you could save 40-90% off of normal bookstore prices, you can highlight in the books and still get your money back unlike with a regular book store, they have flexible renting periods, free shipping, and best of all with every book rental they make a donation to Operation Smile. You can find more information on Operation Smile here.
Still not sure if is right for you? Check out this page here to see the price difference on one of the many books that they offer.
So go ahead and check out their website here.
Happy Reading!
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