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I have always been mesmerized by things that change colors. Whether it be nail polish, some form of paint, or even the barbies that have color changing clothes or hair. I’ve always wondered how they could change colors from being exposed to things as simple as sun and water. This review has inspired me to learn a little bit more about how these products change colors, I will share some of my findings at the end of the review.
First up on the list of things I was able to review from Del Sol is this adorable t-shirt. I love the bright color, and love the fact that the design changes when I go out to the sun. Before this shirt I have never seen a color changing shirt anywhere. This shirt doesn’t seem like its going to fall apart any time soon either, which is something that I am always worried about when it comes to shirts. I swear the more expensive shirts are, the faster they fall apart. This shirt is so cute, and I cannot tell you how many compliments I got on the design, and when I explained to them that it actually changes colors too they refused to believe me until I proved it to them. If your someone who wants to be the center of attention, I highly suggest getting a color changing shirt from Del Sol.
This next product is color changing nail polish. I know I have seen a lot of color changing nail polish, but when I look for a color that I like, I can never find anything. If I do find a color I like it doesn’t actually work. It drives me insane because I would love to be able to change the color of my nail polish without having to completely re-do my nails. Another great thing about this nail polish is that most of everything I wear is either pink or purple. So no matter what I wear this nail polish will match it. I love it.

I got this adorable color changing headband for my daughter. Sad part is that I have stolen it from her. It is so adorable on her that I attempt to put it on her everyday. It starts out clear, and when you go out in the sun it changes to pink. My daughter is two years old, so I’m sure you can imagine that this thing goes through a lot. I swear it is indestructible! I have stepped on this thing way to many times to even count. On top of that both my girls pull on it, chew on it, and who knows what other torture they put it through but it is still as perfect as it was the day I got it. Its very flexible, and it very comfortable to wear unlike most headbands. The fact that it changes colors makes it that much better!

Last, but most definitely not least, is my new favorite pair of color changing sunglasses. And I promise you that they are not just my new favorite sunglasses because they are purple. Okay, that has a lot to do with it, but they really are great! I love that indoors they are a pearl white color, that way if I am somewhere that I need to not be so flashy I can wear them and not feel out of place. If I am feeling flashy, or I am at the lake or the beach, I can have my purple sunglasses on. I love the way they look and feel, and I love how cute they are. They not only fit me, but they fit my personality too.
At the beginning of the review I said I would share a little about how color changing products are possible, so here it goes. Del Sol uses what they call Spectrachrome® Technology, which is basically the use of crystals that change their color when exposed to sunlight. Technically the product itself does not change color but becomes visibly to the human eye when it comes in contact with sunlight. How cool is that? Del Sol currently has more then 300 colors that they use now, while they are working on adding colors from the group of over 6,000 different colors to their product lines.
If you want to know more about Del Sol and their amazing color changing products, you can find them on their website here.
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