Corioliss Pink Flat Iron- Flat Iron Experts Review

I would consider myself a Flat Iron junky! I love anything to do with straight hair. I have tried so many products that I couldn’t even begin to name half of them. Saying that I was excited when I was told I would be reviewing a Flat Iron from Flat Iron Experts would have been an understatement.
So I will give you a little history on some of the flat irons I have used. I have owned everything from the cheap flat irons, to the obnoxiously expensive flat irons. I will never forget how dry and horrible my hair used to be from the cheap flat iron with regular metal plates. Sure it had interchangeable plates for crimping and shining, but it did absolutely nothing to protect my hair. It took years for my hair to return to normal. I have also purchased a flat iron from one of the stands in the mall. You know, the ones that are around $500! I still can’t believe that I have spent that much money on something like that! But here’s the story part, I was only able to use my expensive flat iron once before someone broke into my car and stole my purse and my flat iron while I was at a friends house. I was completely devastated! After that I swore to myself that I would never pay that much for a beauty product again. Since then I have gone through a good 10 $30-$60 flat irons. All of them either didn’t get hot enough, didn’t do the things I wanted it to, died for no apparent reason, or it fried my hair. I can come up with a zillion different faults in any one of those straighteners. Like I said, I am a flat iron junky, I have had multiple flat irons at once just so that I could have all the different features I wanted. The straightener I currently have can do a lot of different things, but is starting to give out after only a couple months, and does not make my hair as straight as I would like it to.
I received the Corioliss Classic Pro Flat Iron in pink. I loved that the entire thing was pink, even the cord was pink. I don’t think I have ever seen a flat iron that had a matching cord other then black. Even the ceramic plates are pink. Another cool thing about the Corioliss is that it has a swivel cord, so you don’t have to flip it around every time you use it so that the cord doesn’t get wrapped around your hand.
So how does it work you ask? This flat iron would have to be the best one I have ever used. It heats up to 410°F in less then 30 seconds, so you don’t have to wait long to start using it after you plug it in. It has a PTC ceramic heater which makes it so that the plates not only heat up fast, but they will stay hot while using it. I hate it when I have to stop half way through styling to let my iron heat up again. It has a textured design so that it doesn’t slip out of your hands while in use. It also has Nano Silver technology that helps keep your hair clean when you straighten it.
I was also sent Flat Iron Experts flat iron holder, and Thermal Shine spray. The holder is amazing because I have a very small bathroom, and even smaller counter space. The only place I have to put things is the very small lip around my sink. This really helped because I can stick the holder on my bathroom mirror and it holds my flat iron up and out of the way, and keeps my husband from complaining about having too much stuff on the counter. I love having a specific place to put my flat iron, plus I don’t have to worry about burning the counter or any of my makeup that also sits on the counter.
I really loved the Thermal Shine spray. It made my hair look extremely healthy, and softer then I think its ever been! I will warn you that while applying the smell is very strong, but it goes away immediately. The results are way worth the smell. I have used so many different thermal sprays and they either leave my hair sticky, or they make it harder for my hair to be straightened. This spray made it to where instead of having to use my flat iron twice on each strand of hair, I only had to run the flat iron through once. My hair is more straight then it has every been! I am so happy with my new products! I highly recommend them to anyone who straightens their hair.
One of my goals for this blog is to find not only a great flat iron, which I finally have done, but to find a mini flat iron, and a wet to dry flat iron as well. Hopefully I will be able to find some to review for you guys very soon, so keep an eye out!
You can find this and many other flat irons and other related products the Flat Iron Experts offers on their website here.
Thanks for reading!
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