Certain Dri Review and Giveaway

One issue that I always run across, especially during this hot weather, is sweating. No matter what I use in attempt to combat it, it always comes back angry. I was very excited when I learned that I would be able to review Certain Dri Deodorant. Certain Dri is a clinical strength deodorant that can last for 72 hours. I know, I didn’t believe it either! Most clinical strengths I have tried either are not strong enough to combat the sweat, or barely last the day. The worst part about them is their price! I know I don’t want to spend an arm and a leg just so that I don’t smell horrible. I personally think that’s its unethical to charge that much for personal hygiene. Anyway, to find out that there is a product that lasts up to 72 hours has to be too good to be true.

Here’s some other things you should know about this product that I have personally discovered:
Comes in Roll-On or Solid (1.7oz)
Is only $5.50 for the solid.
Competitors charge double the price for less product (Secret is 1.6oz)
Actually works, and works for a long time.
Smells great.
Does not irritate your skin.
I am so happy that I found a product that actually gets rid of my embarrassing sweat marks, and the smell of BO. I also love the fact that it doesn’t cost a fortune!
You can find Certain Dri on their website here.
Want to win Certain Dri? Enter my giveaway below!
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  1. I’ve noticed that with some deodorants, I can still feel myself sweating and the deodorant not working. It would be nice to use something that would help with that :)

  2. I have to use the Clinical Strength in all deodorants, or else I small bad. And that can be really bad here in Florida

  3. It sounds like a deodorant you can really count on when you need it to work. While I might not need that sort of security every day, it would be great to know you’re covered when you need to be!

    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  4. I sweat, a LOT! And after a day in the garden I stink BAD! I would love to win this. My family would love for me to win this.

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