BodyMedia LINK Armband and Activity Manager

By now I’m sure you have all heard or at least seen some kind of step tracker. But what about a tracker that not only measures your steps but also tracks your calories, and even your sleep patterns? That’s what this next product does. Body Media’s LINK Armband goes on your upper left arm, and it adjusts for the perfect fit. Best of all you can use your LINK to update your info on their Activity Manager.
So I bet your wondering why this Armband is called LINK. The LINK Armband can connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth so that you can see real time activity. The armband measures not only your movement but has sensors that monitor your activity, skin temperature, heat transference and galvanic skin response. That way it can give accurate readings for your calories and your activity. You can take this information and either see it on your smartphone, or you can upload it to your computer.
I really like how there are different ways to view what information the LINK has gathered. I like that if I am on the go I can still see how I am doing, or if I’m at home its very easy to just plug it in and get all my information. Another thing I really like about the LINK Armband is that it is really comfortable. I hardly even notice that its on. Most of the time I don’t even notice it until one of my girls start pulling on it.
So before you go and get just a regular step tracker you should definitely check out the LINK armband. Not only does it count more then just your steps, but it looks cool, it is easy to use, and you don’t have to worry that you didn’t put it in the right place. You can find more information on LINK and other Body Media products on their website here.
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