3D Laser Gifts Review and Coupon Code

What if you could turn your favorite photo into a 3D Photo Crystal? That’s what I did with my favorite photo of my oldest daughter.
I have always had an obsession with laser crystals, but never knew that you could have your own photo turned into a 3d picture inside of one. I’ve always wondered how it was possible to create one of these 3D crystals, and this review has given me that extra push to find out.
These crystals are made using a special laser that’s pulse makes a tiny void on a specific coordinate in the crystal. This void is what we see when we look closely at the 3D image inside the crystals. The laser makes as many little voids as it needs to complete the picture. I still can’t believe that the laser does this without making any marks or trails or anything visible while making these voids, but obviously it is possible.
Ever since my friend took this photo I have been trying to figure out a way to keep the memory forever in a nontraditional way. I definitely found it with this crystal. Out of all the products I have reviewed this crystal would honestly have to be my favorite. It is something that I can cherish forever.
Since I have had this crystal I have showed it off to anyone that is willing to look at it. I always get the same or a very similar response. The person looking at it will say how beautiful it is, and comment on how great it looks. Then a couple seconds later they say how perfect it is that it looks so much like my daughter. When I explain to them that it actually is my daughter they look at it again and stare at it for a couple seconds trying to figure out how it was done. Then I explain where I got it from, and I also explain to them the how simple the process for ordering a 3D crystal is. I am very happy that I get to brag about my crystal, and I’m even more happy that I get to look at it everyday. It brings a smile to my face every time I see it.
If your trying to find a great way to cherish your favorite photo I highly recommend using 3D Laser Gifts. They really are great and their product is amazing!
You can find them on their website here.
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Thank you for reading!
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