TruKids Cool Conditioner

So I don’t know about you, but using the same old shampoo and conditioner gets old after a while. Especially when washing your childs hair. Its very hard to find shampoos that smell very different from the normal shampoo. And it is even harder to find a good conditioner for them. So I was excited to try TruKids all natural Cool Conditioner for kids. It smells really great! I was very surprised about how strong the citrus smell was. Normally with conditioners you don’t really smell the scent, at least not as much as you would like to. With this conditioner I was not worried that the smell would wash out. Which it didn’t, I could still smell it in my babies hair after I washed it out. Not only was the product awesome, but so is Trukids website. They have different songs and activities that you can use to help your kids stay entertained and help them actually use the product and have fun while doing it.

Trukids is definitely a company to check out! So check out their website here.
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