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I’m sure you have already noticed, but in case you didn’t already know. I love color! One thing I am known for is having colors in my hair. But I can never get it to be the bright color that I am looking for. Even if I pay hundreds of dollars at a salon it never turns out quite right. Not only does my hair not accept color the way I want it, but it also hates bleach. I have not been able to afford to go get my hair done at a salon, so my hair has been paying the price and has been an awful yellowy-orange color that you get when the color washes out. So I was very excited when I found out that I was going to be reviewing Splat Hair Color. I received the Pink Fetish Hair Kit in the mail and immediately got to work on fixing my hair. The kit includes bleach, the pink hair color, and gloves. I was able to do the majority of the work by myself. I put the bleach in by myself and was surprised at how easily my hair had lightened. It normally takes hours even at a salon! Luckily for me I had my sister-in-law to help me with the pink dye so that I didn’t get it all over the house. And I’m glad that she was able to help me because we could tell right away that it was very bright. Which was perfect for my hair, but not for the walls. I left the pink in for an extra 30 minutes over what the instructions suggested so that it would be extra bright and last an extra long time. So after an hour we went to try to rinse it out. I know from experience with bright colors to rinse your hair with cold water to help the color stick. Luckily I had a helper to help me rinse out my hair otherwise it would have been stuck to everything, because rinsing it out made the dye splash everywhere! And even with her help my hands became pink. Even with pink hands I was very happy. I could tell immediately that my hair was a very bright pink. After drying I could confirm that my hair was a brighter shade of pink then any stylist had ever gotten it! I was very surprised not only that my hair looked awesome, but that I was able to do it at home, by myself (with help (: ), and for a fraction of the cost. I will definitely be using splat for all my hair coloring needs from now on! Hopefully I will be able to review some of Splat’s other hair care products for you soon!
You can find Splat on their website here.
Happy coloring!

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  1. Sounds great! I’m scared to bleach lol but I totally want black and lavender hair ;) Where are the pics?!

  2. I love dying my hair different colors :)

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