Lindo SwirlyDo Hair Ties and Twist ‘n Roll Tweezers

I recently received some hair ties to try out and share to you guys. Now before you think these are your ordinary hair ties, stop, because these are definitely not your ordinary hair ties.

As you can see, they look like what you would normally put your keys on. When I first saw them I thought that there was no way that these things could hold up hair, but I was wrong. They may not hold your hair as tight as a regular hair tie would, but that’s the point. They wont give you a headache or leave those gross looking pony lines in your hair! So say you are working out or cleaning or doing something where you just want your hair out of the way but you want to put your hair back down after and your afraid that your hair will be messed up by the hair tie, you can use a SwirlyDo and when your done just take it out and your hair will be just like it was when you put it up. One thing I do not like about them that they do not fit around your wrist, however they will fit perfectly in purse.
Another thing that I received from Lindo are their Twist ‘n Roll Tweezers.
These I found very interesting! They are meant to take hair off of sensitive areas and take more then one hair out at a time. So instead of plucking one hair at a time with tweezers you can do it fast with the Twist ‘n Roll tweezers. I personally am in love with my Epilator, which is the mechanical version of the Twist ‘n Roll. But if you are looking for something that is quiet (epilators are very noisy!), something more precise, or something that is inexpensive, then the Twist ‘n Roll is definitely for you!
You can find both the SwirlyDo’s and the Twist ‘n Roll here.
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  1. I feel I would end up seriously messing up my eyebrows lol, they dont look like they would be very accurate.

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