Heated Mascara/Eyelash Products from Godefroy

Now before you think I am completely nuts, I’m sure most of you have either heard of, or have tried heating your mascara or your eyeliner in order to make it not clump, or to make it easier to apply. I know I have. But how hard is it to warm your mascara? I’ve heard of putting your mascara in warm water, or holding a blow dryer to it, and once I even had someone tell me to hold a lighter to my eyeliner! Don’t worry, I though that one was a little too bizarre too! Although I love the benefits of doing these things, I hate the process. It either takes too long, or is too complicated. Godefroy came up with two different products to give us that clump-less, curled look without the hassle. First one up is their Mascara Warmer.
What I like most about this product is that it has a plug. So you don’t have to worry about batteries. You don’t have to worry about noise like you do with a hair dryer and you don’t have to worry about spilling a cup of water while applying the rest of your makeup. It takes 5-7 minutes to warm up your mascara, yes you can use YOUR favorite mascara, your not limited to choosing their mascara! I find it best to turn it on before you apply the rest of your makeup, that way when your ready to use your mascara it is ready to go. Want extra curl? While applying hold your mascara brush against your eyelash for two seconds while applying to get that extra curl.
Looking for that Hollywood curl? The next product I’m going to review for you is Godefroy’s Heated Eyelash Curler.
This is my new favorite toy! You can use it with or without mascara, so if your not big on mascara but hate still want to add volume to your eyelashes this is also the product for you. It uses one AAA battery (not included) so not only can you use it at home, but you can though it in your purse and use it on the go. When you first look at it, it can be a little intimidating. But don’t let it scare you out of trying it! I hate using the traditional eyelash curler! They never actually curl your lashes, or at least not mine! So I was pretty excited when I received this. It is so much easier to use as you can use it just like you use your mascara brush. You brush up your eyelashes, add a little pressure, and hold for 8-10 seconds. You can repeat this as much as you like until you reach your desired volume.
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You can check out Godefroy and the rest of there innovative products here.
Have fun ladies!
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