Yesterday was my first time ever trying to wear fake eyelashes. It was definitely an interesting experience. Especially since it was my first time using false eyelashes, I was bound to make a few mistakes.
Mistake number one: Make sure you put on all your eye makeup before applying! I saw this in the directions and ignored it figuring that the glue would not be able to stick to the eyeliner. Trust me on this one, the glue will stick to any makeup that you have already applied!
Mistake number two: Trying to apply makeup after the lashes were on. I thought my lashes looked funny without eyeliner, so I decided to apply it after they were on. Which was another very bad idea. Putting on the eyeliner after putting on the eye lashes did in fact make them not look as awkward, but it made some of the glue not sticky anymore. So by this point they were half on, and bugging the living daylights out of me! So I attempted at gluing them back together and it worked okay. But the excess glue was way too heavy on my eyes.
Mistake number three: Not taking them off and doing them properly. Instead of taking them off and starting from scratch I decided to leave them on and just deal with it. Which was also a bad idea. I should have taken them off and redone them.
Because of my mistakes my eyelashes bugged me the entire day from them not being on all the way. So if you do make any mistakes putting them on, it is well worth it to start over. When worn properly these eyelashes are not only beautiful but they are not uncomfortable.
Eylure’s false eye come with the set of eye lashes, a tube of lash glue, and instructions. They have many different kinds and styles of eye lashes to fit any taste. So whether you just want a little bit more lashes but don’t want them to look unnatural, or you want something crazy and bizarre, they have it. They also have pre-glued eye lashes.
You can find Eylure on their website here.
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