How Does Arrest and Posting Bail Actually Work?

Does a person who’s arrested in the modern US legal system have any chance of being treated fairly? That’s a big question and the answers to it can be very complex. There’s a solid argument to be made that minority members are treated unfairly by our legal system, as the number of people of color in jail is much higher, percentage-wise, than that of white people. Still, our system is set up to protect the rights of the innocent, and very often justice really is served.

The Reality of Arrest

Police must be able to have sufficient evidence in place against an accused person in order to make an arrest, which is why some people do walk free even after actually committing a crime. The fact is that the evidence has to be there, or else the police will not have a case that stands up in court. If the evidence is there, however, a suspect can be arrested and then taken into custody. Once in custody, they will have to spend time in jail unless someone can put up bail money to ensure their release. What happens if no one has enough money to pay the bail? There are companies that provide bail money as a loan, like Delaware County bail bonds or other bail bond businesses, so that’s a route that is often taken to get bail funds.

A bail bonds company can provide the bail money as a loan that is then given to the court. Once the suspects’ trial is over, the bail money will be paid back and then can be given back to the bond company, with interest. The bail payment has no impact whatsoever on whether or not a defendant is ultimately found not guilty, but at least it does give them a chance to spend time at home before facing sentencing, After enduring the ordeal of an arrest, being at home must ultimately provide a high degree of comfort. … Read More